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Sales Special AllSteady-Motion Deluxe Package: Toolless 3-Axis Gimbal+JS+Monitor Bkt+Wireless Joystick+Monopod Conv+12V Aux+Batt+Chrg+Std+Case

MSRP: $2,699.00
Price: $1,499.00 + $Options (Ships in 1 to 3 days.)
Out of stock
Item Number: AllSteady-Motion-DlxPkg+TX+Monopod Conv+Options
Manufacturer: Turbo Ace
Manufacturer Part No: TAG5124


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3 Compelling AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Advantages Vs. Ronin-M & Other 3-Axis Gimbals

3_pictures_left.jpg 3_pictures_middle.jpg 3_pictures_right.jpg
1. Utilize MONOPOD & JOCKEY SUPPORT RIG under the AllSteady Motion 3-Axis or Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbals to eliminated arm & back strain. Pull the monopod out of the rig's holster for increased movement & mobility.

Jockey Support Rig:
2. The CAMERA REMAINS UPRIGHT when you invert the AllSteady Motion 3-Axis or Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbals. No more upside-down camera adjustments & post editing to flip images.

AllSteady Motion 3-Axis Gimbal:
Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal:
Jockey 4th-Axis Stabilizer:
3. Framing with the ANGLE LOCK & BUILT-IN JOYSTICK is quick and easy. Simply drag and hold the camera mount, for one second, to face and establish any desired position. Built-in joysticks on the AllSteady Motion and Jockey Motion utilize the main gimbal battery so there is one less battery to keep track of.

AllSteady Motion Deluxe Package Includes:

3-Axis Gimbal

Articulating Bracket

Follow Focus Brackets

Foldable Stand

allsteady6_plus_main monitorBracket3.1.jpg part_1.jpg display/stand2.jpg

2600mAh 3S Smart Battery

Wall Charger for Battery


Wireless Joystick w/RC

battery_allsteady6.1.jpg charger_for_allsteady5.jpg monopod_not_included.jpg wireless_joystick.jpg

Waterproof Case


AllSteady Motion Deluxe Package Details:

Download Manual Here:
AllSteady 6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Manual

See Balancing Video and FAQ Here:
Turbo ace AllSteady 6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Balancing Video and FAQ Link

A new paradigm in gimbal performance and adaptability
The AllSteady Motion is transforming the way we film. Whether if you are employing your existing arsenal of monopods, tripods and cranes to elevate and mobilize your gimbal, contemplating a possible upgrade from a 3-axis gimbal with the Jockey 4th-axis vertical stabilizers to take out bounces or mounting the gimbal under a drone, the AllSteady Motion can adapt to a vast range of environments and productions. Looking for other creative tools? The AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion offer convenient options including wireless joystick for a second operator, wireless follow focus ready for Red-Rock Micro or LenzHound and continuous 360 panning for multirotors. Imagine the possibilities!

An adaptable gimbal platform requires comprehensive planning and rigorous testing. Pairing a gimbal with any supporting camera equipment should not be left to chance because improvised adaptation often leads to incompatibility and/or impaired functions.

Critical Advantages of an Upright Camera on an Inverted Gimbal
Instead of operating from the hips, gimbals are increasingly inverted to elevate filming to eye-level and for attaching to the top of monopods, tripods and gliders. As oppose to the typical inverted gimbal with upside-down camera and adjustments, AllSteady Motion gimbal is designed to maintain an upright camera position for easy adjustments and more importantly, to bypass the arduous task of flipping images in post.

AllSteady-6 & AllSteady Motion - Review after 2 months of use

Compatibilty with a Wide Range of Cameras and Lenses
Dubbed the little giant of 3-axis gimbals, the Allsteady Motion & Jockey Motion give you the freedom of choice, an extraordinary means to exercise and expand your creative expression using a huge range of cameras and lenses. This versatility also opens the door to a whole range of attachments and upgrades to dramatically increase your production value. For example, you can start with the agile Panasonic GH4 for stunning outdoor action videos but quickly switch to the iconic Canon 5D for indoor shoots. And, with a deeper stronger frame, you are also free to use telephoto lenses even with the Red Epic.

Example of Compatible Cameras & Lenses

  • Sony A7/A7S/A5000/A6000

  • Panasonic Lumix GH4

  • Canon 5D/6D/7D/60D/70D

  • Nikon D800/D810/D3000/D3200/D5200/D5300/D7000/D7100

  • Black Magic 4K Production

  • Red Scarlet/Epic/Dragon


New! Auto-Tune

Although we have balanced and auto-tuned your AllSteady Motion and Jockey Motion Gimbals to the camera and lens you have selected, you can easily switch to smaller or bigger camera/lens combinations. Simply balance the new camera and lens combination using the toolless adjustments, then click and hold the joystick on the handle or the mode button on the gimbal for 20 seconds and the gimbal will automatically go through a sequence of tests and adjustments to revise PID setting for each motor. Although you can further fine-tune PID setting, knowledge and experience with PID settings is no longer required. Prior to Auto-Tune technology, gimbal suppliers and users are forced to split the convenience of preprogrammed joystick modes to cover better access more functions or to accommodate more versatile payloads. Now you can have them both.

New! Encoder Technology
More powerful and resilient, the AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Gimbals feature cutting edge encoder technology, an electromechanical device with integrated dual pole neodymium magnet for exceptional speed and accuracy of motor position control. This closed-loop feedback plays a critical counterpart to angular accelerometers in common gimbal sensors which only tracks the position of the frame. When knocked out of position, the convention gimbal often vibrates and struggles to recover, while AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion encoder assisted stabilization will immediately and smoothly return the gimbal to its original position. 

New! Memory Angle Lock & Anti-Drift Technology
In contrast to traditional gimbals, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion employs intuitive Memory Angle Lock that enables the operator to physically and temporarily override gimbal functions. When pressed by sudden or multiple shooting angles, an operator can successively and manually drag a working gimbal's pan or tilt axis and hold (for a couple of seconds) the gimbal to face a new desired direction, which signals the gimbal not to return to the original direction. Furthermore, the AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion won't slowly drift away from its intended target so you can start right where you left off.

New! Built-in Joystick with 5 Preprogrammed Modes

The joystick control can be used to realign the camera’s direction or to facilitate motorized panning or tilting, a great way to create smooth and consistent camera movement from a stationary or moving vantage point. Additionally, you can switch between 5 preprogrammed operating modes by clicking the joystick on the handle or the mode button directly on the back of the gimbal 1 to 5 times. The gimbal controller will always remember and initialize under the last selected mode. The Motion Gimbal's Auto-Tune's ability to accommodate changes in camera and lens payload frees all 5 preprogrammed modes in providing a wider selection of operating functions.

Mode 1: Full Lock Mode (Often used in conjunction with cranes, tripods & sliders.)
Mode 2: Tilt Lock (Vertical Lock) & Pan Follow Mode (Often used in conjunction with drones & monopods.)
Mode 3: Slow (Majestic) Full Follow Mode (Extremely smooth epic movements.)
Mode 4: Standard Full Follow Mode (Moderate direction change for common action shots.) This is also where the root profile is stored.
Mode 5: Customizable Accessory Mode (Programmable)

Note: The use of the Motion Gimbal in conjunction with cranes, tripods, sliders & drones usually involves a wireless joystick (available separately as an option).

Adaptablity to Unleash Your Creativity

The AllSteady Motion keeps your camera in the upright position in all modes and configurations.

Adaptable to Monopod

  • Supports AllSteady Motion payload on any terrain for much needed rest between takes.
  • Frees operator's hand to make camera adjustments such as focus and exposure.
  • Facilitates the prefect stationary panning or pivoting shots.
  • Elevates or lowers a 3-axis stabilized camera to new and impossible perspectives.
  • Swing 3-axis stabilized camera on the end of  your monopod for horizontal movements.
  • Retract the monod and it doubles as a gimbal for portibility.
  • Optional Manfrotto 500 Series Compatible Plate is compatible with most standard Monopods.

 Adapts to Cranes & Drones

  • Mount AllSteady Motion to bottom of drones or cranes to stabilize videos.
  • Optional Wireless Joystick allows you to pan and tilt your camera from a distance.
  • Optional Aerial AllSteady Motion available with vibration isolation mounts for drones.

Adapts to Tripod & Sliders

  • Swith out AllSteady Motion Handlebars to mount the gimbal on tripod & slider for remote operations.
  • Optional Wireless Joystick allows you to control camera movement on top of tripod & slider from afar.
  • Switch back to the original AllSteady Motion Handlebars for handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilization.

Adapts to Jockey 4th Axis Vertical Stabilizer & Support System

  • Upgrade to the advanced 4-axis Jockey Motion by mounting an underslung or inverted AllSteady Motion 3-axis gimbal on the Jockey 4th Axis Stabilizer to eliminate bouncy videos.
  • Optional Jockey Support Rig - used with or without shoulder straps - will transfer 80% of gimbal/camera payload to your hips so you can make adjustments and rest your arms on the go.
  • Film and pivot the 4-axis Jockey Motion in the Support Rig or draw it from the Support Rig’s holster for free range filming.
  • Optional Heavy Duty Jockey setups are available for heavier cinematic production and car mounts.
  • Camera remains upright on the AllSteady Motion on any type of support rigs.

Also Operates like any other advanced handheld 3-axis Gimbals

  • Use the underslung mode to film from hip-level.
  • Flip to the inverted mode to film at eye-level but your camera remains upright.



Wireless Joystick (Optional)

Wireless Joystick Control enables you to control an inverted AllSteady-6 AllSteady Motion on top of a tripod to capture upright professional wedding photos and video from an ideal perspective, something not even the Movi, Ronin, Ronin-M or AllSteady 5/7 can accomplish. Designed with a quick release that is ready to lock into a standard Manfrotto 500 series mount, it opens the door for infinite creativity with your existing equipment. You can even mount it on your drone, slider or crane to have full motorized control of your shots. (Additional Cost $280)

Allsteady 6Pro with a RED Epic

AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Gimbals For Red Epic


  • AS6/ Motion Mounting Cage Upgrade (Additional Cost $100): Customized Camera Cage with 1/4" and 3/8" slots which will work for both DSLR cameras and the Red.

  • AS6/Motion Red Mounting Cage Upgrade & Power Package (Additional Cost $795): Customized Camera Cage with 1/4" and 3/8" slots + Lemo/XT90 Power Adapter Cable + Quantity 4 x 5300mah 4S LiPo Batteries + Battery Mounting Bracket & Battery Meter.

Wireless Follow Focus Packages (Optional)


  • Single Axis Control System

  • Large, Industry-Style, Primary Focus Knob

  • 4 Preset Buttons to set and recall positions

  • Compact Design measuring roughly 3 x 6 inches

  • White Distance Marking Disk for grease pencil or china marker (no dry-erase)

  • Uses four AAA batteries, providing enough power to operate all day

  • Mini-USB Port for firmware upgrades and Custom "Z-mode" Programming beyond basic follow focus operation

  • 81 Discrete Channels in the 2.4GHz ISM band


  • Works with industry standard 15mm iris rod systems

  • Lightweight at just over 13 ounces (~367 grams)

  • Operates on 12v DC

  • Mini-USB Port for firmware uploads

Lenzhound Cine Package with Gear Drive:
This is a gear drive wireless follow focus or zoom setup. You can use the thumb wheel to pull the focus or zoom in and out with your left thumb. You can also use the wireless focus controller if you have a 2nd operator.)

  • Lenzhound Cine-Standard Kit with Gear Drive

  • Thumb Wheel Control

  • Exclusive AllSteady-6Plus Thumb Wheel Control Mounting Bracket + 12v Aux Cable + Adjustable Follow Focus Gear Lens Ring + 15mm Rod

Lenzhound Cine Combo Package with Gear and Belt Drive (Total Additional Cost $771.50):
This is a gear drive wireless follow focus or zoom setup. You get the best of both worlds. The gear drive system has the advantage of having reliable slip free engagement with the lens and the belt drive system can quickly adapt to lenses that do not have the focus gear. You can use the thumb wheel to pull the focus or zoom in and out with your left thumb. You can also use the wireless focus controller if you have a 2nd operator.)

  • Lenzhound Cine-Standard Kit with Gear Drive

  • Basic 4 Belt Kit (Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large)

  • Pulley to convert Cine-Standard to Belt System

  • Thumb Wheel Control

  • Exclusive AllSteady-6Plus Thumb Wheel Control Mounting Bracket + 12v Aux Cable + Adjustable Follow Focus Gear Lens Ring + 15mm Rod

    Lenzhound Follow Focus Warranty by Motion Dogs: 90 Days Parts & Labor


Ultra Fast 32-Bit Dual Sensor Stabilization

Driven by an exclusive Turbo Ace gimbal controller, the AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion and Jockey Motion Gimbals feature cutting edge 32-bit processor with ultra fast pan, roll and tilt auto-compensation. Dual Sensor enables the controller to monitor and maintain proper gimbal orientation at all times. To power larger motors at cooler operating temperatures, we have upgraded the controller to 30A so you don’t need to worry about overheating on longer shoots or under the sun.

Unparalleled Capacity & Versatility

With an 8 pounds capacity, AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Gimbals' heavy duty structure and powerful motors are designed to support effortless transitions between various combinations of large cameras and lenses. In general, gimbals with weaker motors often require constant tuning via software to accommodate changing payloads. Integration of larger more powerful AllSteady motors has all but eliminated this cumbersome task for a huge range of cameras and lenses. Hence, AllSteady factory tuning and settings can still be changed but no longer a necessity. Simply put, this gimbal will work for whatever you can balance on it.

Quick Toolless Balancing

As for balancing the gimbal, a procedure used to align camera or camera cage to the gimbal’s center of gravity (CG), AllSteady-6 utilizes proprietary toolless anti-slip brackets on rectangular booms to optimize strength and reduce weight. Unlike conventional balancing that can easily take hours, the AllSteady's quick toolless adjustments encourages creative use of different cameras and lenses on the run with quick and easy toolless pan-axis & roll-axis micro adjustments. As for proper tilt-axis CG, there are toolless height and tilt-axis adjustments on the camera tray to align the camera with the tilt motor. To accommodate more extreme setups, there are also versatile macro adjustments on both the pan-axis and roll-axis brackets.

Picture: Toolless Adjustment Brackets


Strong, Durable Structure

Consisted entirely of premium carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum, no expense has been spared in forming a heavy duty architecture, a hallmark of AllSteady gimbals. Specialized patent pending elements are designed to reinforce the integrity of a super rigid structure to carry heavy payload in motion. Typically, a gimbal’s weakest points are the joints that connect each of its carbon booms and aluminum frames. As part of our initial market research, we tested numerous gimbals for strength, and found that most joints aren’t stable beyond 4 to 5 lbs, whereas the AllSteady is rated up to 8 lbs.

Picture: Camera Tray Arm Picture: Handle


Powerful Over-Sized Brushless Motors

A motor's capacity and how it’s mounted will determine what camera, lens and accessories can be used. Although all 3 motors fulfills a special function on the gimbal, the tilt-axis motor at the side of the camera cage, the roll-axis motor at the back of the gimbal and the pan-axis motor at the top of the gimbal carry progressively more payload and stress. Catering to specific performance requirements, the AllSteady's three brushless motors are differentiated with special characteristics. While the roll-axis motor’s emphasis is in power and strength, the tilt-axis motor is especially high in precision. With extra load bearing torque and panning resolution, the larger and more crucial pan-axis motor offers an ultimate mix of power, strength and precision.

We’ve paid special attention to fortifying each of these upgraded motors with extra robust support bearings or motor cages or both to take the load off from more vulnerable motor shafts and bearings. All gimbals without extra protection run the risk of motor shaft damage when using overstated payloads. Through years of designing gimbals, we have learned that no brushless motor under heavier payloads would provide a jello free video without the aid of support bearings. Due to the importance of these elements for long term performance and durability, we are including these upgrades with every AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Gimbals we produce.

  • Left: Roll-Axis Motor with Motor Cover Cage & Support Bearing Integration 

  • Center: Pan-Axis Motor with Motor Cage, Support Bearing and Macro & Micro Pan-Axis Balancing Adjustments

  • Right: Tilt-Axis Motor with Support Bearing


Smart & Clutter-Free Power Integration

An integrated power on/off switch allows for easy starts and stops between clips. The convenience of a secured battery compartment also eliminates the clutter of brackets and wires from the handle. And, instead of relying on the cameraman to constantly monitor the gimbal’s battery status, we have integrated a Smart LiPo Battery setup to prevent LiPo battery damage due to overdrawn voltage. With so much at stake during shoots, we want AllSteady gimbal operators to have one less thing to worry about.

Integrated Battery Compartment for Smart Battery

User Friendly Ergonomic Features & Options

To relieve strain and maximize comfort on extended operations, the AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion Gimbals are fitted with ergonomic rubberized handles for a slip-free grip that’s 360° adjustable. Just a quick twist on both handles, you can achieve a comfortable position at chest height, away from the body, above the head or below the knees. All electronics, wiring and switches are integrated into a sleek and functional framework.

Foldable Design for Portability & Efficient Gear-Down

The average gimbal, with its swinging booms, is an awkward device to travel with or carry around in between sets. To reduce this bulk for convenient transport and storage, the AllSteady can easily fold flat into a small footprint in seconds without tools.

Picture: Unfolded Top Handle Picture: Folded Top Handle Picture: Folded Gimbal


Example Camera & Lens Combinations

  • Panasonic GH4 with Lumix 1:4/7-14

  • Sony A5000/A6000 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

  • Sony A7/A7S with 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 or 24-70mm f/4

  • Canon 5D Mark III w/ EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II or 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5

  • Canon 5D Mark III w/ EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II or 24-105mm f/4L

  • Canon 5D Mark III w/ EF 70-200mm f/2.8L (*Mount can be reversed)

  • Nikon D750/D810 with NIKKOR 35mm, 50mm or 85mm f/1.8G

  • Blackmagic 4K Production with EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II

  • Blackmagic 4K Production with EF 20-35mm f/3.5-4.

  • Red Epic with 20mm or 16-35mm (**Light Cinematic Application)

  • Red Epic with 24-70mm f/2.8 or 24-105mm f/4L (**Medium Cinematic Applications)

* The mount under the lens can be popped out and easily reversed but you will also need the hot shoe extension bracket (Additional Cost $29.95) used on top of the cage so the camera can be mounted further back in the cage to balance the longer lens in the front.
** When using the AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion with a Red Camera, you will need one of the follow packages

  • AS6 Red Mounting Cage Upgrade (Additional Cost $100): Customized Camera Cage with 1/4" and 3/8" slots which will work for both DSLR cameras and the Red.

  • AS6 Red Mounting Cage Upgrade & Power Package (Additional Cost $795): Customized Camera Cage with 1/4" and 3/8" slots + Lemo/XT90 Power Adapter Cable + Quantity 4 x 5300mah 4S LiPo Batteries + Battery Mounting Bracket & Battery Meter. 4S batteries can be clipped to belt to dramatically reduce over all weight and increase camera run time. Finally a Red rig that does not wear you out!

AllSteady-6 & AllSteady Motion Specifications

  • Gimbal Weight: 6 lbs including battery

  • Payload Capacity: 8 lbs

  • Gimbal Controller: 32 bit, 30A

  • Operating Dimensions: 450mm (Width) x 443mm (Height) x 260mm (Depth)

  • Folded Dimensions with Top Handle: 450mm (Width) x 455mm (Height) x 160mm (Thickness)

  • Folded Dimensions without Top Handle: 326mm (Width) x 345mm (Height) x 113mm (Thickness)

AllSteady-6Plus Camera Cage Dimensions

  • Cage Width: 179mm Maximum

  • Cage Depth: 138mm Maximum

  • CG to Cage Bottom: Adjustable from 38mm to 85mm

  • CG to Cage Ceiling: Adjustable from 35mm to 85mm


For proper balancing on gimbals, the Payload CG (center of gravity of camera and lens) has to be aligned with the Gimbal CG (the intersection of the projected tilt-axis, roll-axis and pan-axis motor shafts). Beyond weight limitations, a gimbal’s ability to accommodate different cameras and lenses is mostly based on the gimbal’s camera cage dimensions, adjustability and clearance. By far the most important measurement is the camera cage depth that limits how far the operator can shift larger payloads forward and backward to properly align Payload CG with Gimbal CG, all while allowing about 15-20mm of extra clearance for the payload to tilt up and down. If your camera is not listed above, follow these 3 easy steps to estimate the required camera cage depth for your camera and lens payload. (1) By suspending and shifting the payload between your thumbs, you can find the midpoint (Payload CG) where the payload is neither tilting forward nor backward. (2) measure from the Payload CG to the back of the camera, (3) then add another 15mm to 20mm of require clearance for the payload to tilt up and down. This total can not exceed the camera cage depth (the distance between the tilt-axis motor shaft and the back of the gimbal).

Foldable Tuning Stand (Optional)

In response to our past customers, we have designed an all new lightweight Foldable Tuning Stand to complement AllSteady-6 balancing and tuning during camera and lens changes. Due to the amount of force leveraged on the end of the hanging arms, our design team has integrated an all aluminum structure which is much stronger and more durable than other similar tuning stands. By twisting a few thumb screws, operators can now open or fold this device in seconds providing an easy way to transport, set up, gear down and store your balancing station.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Case (Optional)

Extremely durable and compact, this handy injection mold case with foam cutouts is especially suited for traveling, shipping and storage. Like most pelican-style cases, this heavy duty waterproof design offers exceptional protection and you can add an optional lock to secure the 3-axis gimbal.

One Year Limited Warranty

AllSteady-6, AllSteady Motion & Jockey Motion warranty services and parts support is provided from Turbo Ace's warehouse and showroom located in Orange, California.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts
  • 30 Days Warranty on Parts & Labor
  • 30 Days Warranty on Battery
  • 30 Days Phone Support

Software Download Page:
USB Driver
Gimbal Controller Board Software (ONLY use 2.43b9, Do NOT upgrade the firmware on your gimbal, this will erase all the factory setting and will void the warranty.)


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