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Spearheading American innovation in drones and UAV technology, Turbo Ace has emerged a world class developer and manufacturer of multi-rotors and camera stabilization gimbals. Started in 2008 by a team of seasoned engineers, multi-rotor pilots and production specialists, Turbo Ace is amongst the first to pioneer the growing field of aerial video marketing, cinematography, long range surveillance, mapping and inspection. With an unparalleled synergy between our development and manufacturing resources, we have established a trusted line of top selling quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters.

Emphasis on specialized long range and applications on a portable user friendly platform is a hallmark of Turbo Ace designs. No expense is spared in optimizing flight time, payload and performance. Composed of premium grade carbon fiber and aluminum components for extreme rigidity and foldability, Turbo Ace's open architecture philosophy is highly condusive to third party upgrades and integration. Tested under extreme speeds, altitudes and wind conditions, Turbo Ace development is generations beyond current recreational drones in sustaining long duration applications while operating under a host of outdoor environments.

The Matrix drone, Turbo Ace’s flagship launched in 2012, has become a national phenomenon, establishing a dominant role in professional drone applications. Scaling up that potent performance to larger and more powerful systems, Turbo Ace offers two other breakthroughs in their respective class of heavy lifter UAVs - the Infinity-6 hexacopter and Infinity-9Pro octocopter. What's our secret? At the core of Turbo Ace principles is our unwavering pursuit for excellence. Backed by our extensive onsite development resources including 3D modeling software, 3D printing and CNC machining capabilities, the Turbo Ace development team has an overwhelming edge in taking products from concept to reality in less than half the time and cost of traditional product development. Leveraging our extensive manufacturing capacity, Turbo Ace has become a prolific developer with a constant flow of new products and improvement in the pipeline. Amongst the highest in U.S. made commercial and industrial drone sales, Turbo Ace's possesses unparalleled leverage and access in name brand transmitters, flight controllers and peripherals. Whether if you are looking for performance, function, realibity, service or support, Turbo Ace has you covered.

As aerial video stabilization moved from smaller GoPro cameras to larger DSLR cameras, in 2013 Turbo Ace dedicated special resources in developing a full line of 3-axis gimbals for larger cameras which serves a dual purpose - as aerial gimbals for drones and as handheld brushless gimbals. What took the average developer over two years, the Turbo Ace team was able to accomplish in half that time. Launched in 2014, the AllSteady gimbals has since become the #1 selling U.S. based gimbal with performance and service that surpasses its Asian rivals.

For two years in a row, Turbo Ace annual volume has surpassed all other U.S. based professional aerial video drones and handheld gimbals. Based in Southern California, our staff of 17 works tirelessly 6 days a week to fulfill your requirements. Call it passion or company culture, Turbo Ace often impliment double shifts in keeping up with scheduled developments and deliveries. Unlike most integrators with endless delays and virtually no parts support, Turbo Ace's California 32,000 sq. ft. warehouse offers a huge inventory of parts, components and upgrades so we can usually start building your system immediately and continued to provide reliable and convenient parts support.

Turbo Ace
2140 W. Chapman Ave., Ste 211
Orange, CA 92868

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