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Turbo Ace 2600mah 3S Smart Battery: Rechargeable, For AllSteady-6/Motion

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Price: $79.00
Out of stock
Item Number: TA-2600mah-3S-Battery (for AllSeady-6)
Manufacturer: Turbo Ace
Manufacturer Part No: TAG5126

AllSteady Smart Rechargeable Long Duration Battery

What's the advantages of Smart AllSteady-6/Motion Lithium Ion Batteries verses Li-Po batteries often found on no brand gimbals? The advent of powerful long lasting light weight Lithium Ion rechargeable battery technology offers many benefits, it minimizes weight and extends operating time. Li-Po batteries share similar characteristics but many are unaware of its major set backs. Li-Po explodes or catches fire when dropped or puntured, it is also easily damaged when the cell voltage drops below 3.5V. Forget to turn off the gimbal, left it in a car on a warm day, drop it in a shoot, over drained it during a shoot, store it fully charged for months or accidentally turn it on and left it in the trunk? All it takes is just one incident, it would puff up and get damaged beyond repair. Li-Po also has about 10 times less recharge cycles compared to Lithium Ion. It can only be recharged about 100 times verses 1,000 times on a Lithium Ion. Ever wonder why smart cell phone and laptop manufacturers insist on using Lithium Ions? AllSteady-6Pro Smart Battery uses Lithium Ion cells and it is integrated with an intelligent micro processor to monitor each inidividual cell voltage so charging and discharging can be automatically turned off. The AllSteady batteries are designed to provide you years of service.