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Please Click here to download AllSteady-6-Manual

AllSteady 6 Gimbal Balancing Tutorial from Turbo Ace

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Does the battery come charged?

- Battery are best stored and shipped at a semi-charged level (at 3.80V-3.85V per cell of a 3-cell battery). You should always fully charge batteries prior to each use.

2. How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

- Red Led on charger switches from Red to Green.

3. Gimbal makes a beeping sound when powered on?

- Make sure your battery is fully charged. The gimbal has a low voltage alarm to protect battery from over discharge.

4. Gimbal shakes when powered on?

- Make sure (1) the battery is fully charged, (2) camera is firmly mounted to both top and bottom of the camera cage and (3) the gimbal is properly balanced.

- Balancing Video Link : LINK

5. How do I get to the five different modes and what do each mode do?

- Each of the five modes can be selected by pressing the joystick the corresponding number of times to the mode you want.

- For example clicking the joystick once for Mode#1, clicking the joystick two consecutive times for Mode#2, and so on.
Mode 1: Lock Mode (Often used in conjunction with cranes, tripods & sliders.)
Mode 2: Tilt Lock & Pan Follow Mode (Often used in conjunction with drones & monopods.)
Mode 3: Slow Full Follow Mode (Extremely smooth epic movements.)
Mode 4: Medium Full Follow Mode (Moderate diretion change for common action shots.)
Mode 5: Fast Full Follow Mode (Default start up mode and for faster change of diretion.)

6. How long does the battery last?

- A fully charged battery may last up to 2 hours depending on camera and lens size and how intensive the gimbal is being used. Too save power, we strongly recommended that you turn off the gimbal between shoots.

7. The two adjacent levers for tightening and loosening the thumb screws on the bottom of the camera cage keep hitting each other.

- Unlike regular levered thumb screws, the levers on these thumb screw can be easily adjusted. When a lever runs into an obsticle, simply pull the lever away from the screw, then rotate the lever away from the obsticle which in this case is the adjacent thumb screw. Once you have found an optimal lever angle, there is no need to readjust them every time.

8. Can I leave the battery plugged into the gimbal when not in use?

- Yes, but it is not recommended for extended periods since this connection will eventually drain the battery over time.

9. How do I get into briefcase and inverted mode?


10. How do I secure the HDMI cable from my camera to the monitor?

- Picture is coming soon.

11. Wireless Controller Beeps when powered on.

- First, make sure all toggle switches on the same side of the joysticks are pushed away from the operator and all toggle switches on the same side of the antenna is pushed down towards the ground. Then make sure the left joystick is all the way down before powering on.

12. How do I connect my own wireless receiver to the AllSteady 6 and do I need a separate battery to power the receiver?
- The power will be supply from the servo cable, so you will not need a separate battery to power the receiver.


13. Where is the Aux Power and what is it used for?

- Powered from the main gimbal battery and wired through frame conduits and motor shaft, the Aux Power is a 12v a female servo plug located on the lower part of the camera cage on the opposing side of the pitch motor. This convenient 12v power source can be used to power camera accessories such as the Lenzhound Wireless Follow Focus or a battery meter. Without Aux Power, accessories will require either a secondary battery source or messy obstructive power cables from the main battery.

14. What is the plug on the side of the gimbal?

-  The plug on the side is a mini USB connect a computer to change gimbal settings. (Not recommended for operators without prior programming experience).

15. Warning!! (This is ONLY for AllSteady 6Pro customer, Not for AllSteady Motion Customer)
      Gimbal Rolls to one side once powered on.

-  Ensure Gimbal is balanced first - balancing Video Link : LINK

-  (Method 1) If gimbal is balanced and still rolls after initialization, please follow the following steps (this is use if you're on the set and don't have access to computer):

    1. Press and hold down the joystick mode switch until your hear a beep. This will activate control to the joystick which allows the user to realign the roll horizon.

    2. Move joystick either right or left to correct roll.

    3. Press and hold down the joystick mode switch once more until it beeps again which sets the desired roll alignment and revert the joystick back to controlling the pitch (tilt) and yaw (pan).

- (Method 2) If gimbal is balanced and still rolls after initialization, please follow the following steps (this is use if you have access to computer):

16. How does the Monopod work?