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AllSteady Motion 3-Axis (AllSteady 6 Advanced)
Dubbed the little giant, AllSteady-6 Gimbal offer exceptional power and versatility in about half the weigth of traditional gimbals such as the Ronin and the MoVI M10.
The apex of DSLR 3-axis gimbal technology, the AllSteady-5 with 32Bit Dual Sensors is a compelling choice for professional film makers. Sustained by powerful brushless motors & unsurpassed structural integrity, it has redefined video stabilization.
This ultimate 3-axis gimbal for Red Epic/Scarlet/Dragon & Blackmagic 2K/4K Production Camera can also accommodate a full range of DSLR cameras & lenses. Implementation of toolless macro & micro balancing offers fast & hassle free transitions on the set.
A leading pioneer of 3-axis brushless gimbal technology, the AllSteady-1 is one of the most successful DSLR gimbals in 2013. It has since been upgraded to a new generation of gimbals - the AllSteady-5 and the larger industrial strength AllSteady-7.

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