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DJI Blue Tooth Adapter for Naza [DJI-NAZABTU]

Price: $49.00
Out of stock
Item Number: DJI-NAZABTU
Manufacturer: DJI
Manufacturer Part No: DJI-NAZABTU

BTU Module

  • The Naza-M now provides assistant software for iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPadmini, iPod5. You can do parameter adjustments at any time on your mobile devices, using only the BTU with a built-in Bluetooth module which makes it easier and convenient. It uses low power Bluetooth to minimize the power consumption of your mobile devices. It is easy to use and will automatically save your last connection records. The password mechanism ensures your safety link. Parameters can be automatically synchronized to the Cloud Server and can be restored immediately when you changed your mobile devices.
  • Built-in Bluetooth(4.0)
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
  • Communication Distance: 50m
  • Weight: 17g
  • Power Consumption: 240mw(0.04A@6V)
The new firmware supports Bluetooth adjustment.

What’s new?

  • Firmware

    Parameter configuration by NM Assistant is supported. (BTU module is required. Download the App software from iOS App store or scan the QR code to get the download link.)

    iOSD mini supported.

    S-bus II receiver supported.

    Optimize the warming up condition, to avoid a long wait period before aircraft can takeoff.

  • Software

    Add tips for IMU Advanced calibration time out.

  • Manual

    Add connection diagrams when used with other DJI products.


  • Make sure to reconfigure all parameters in the assistant software after upgrading firmware, since V3.16 upgrade will reset all parameters.
  • For safety reason, do not use power battery during firmware upgrade