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FS-1048 : FATSHARK ATTITUDE V4 AE (Ship in 2 to 3 days)

Price: $350.00
Out of stock
Item Number: FS-1048 + Installation ###
Manufacturer: Fat Shark
Manufacturer Part No: FS-1048

Commemorate Fat Shark’s 10th year with the brand new AttitudeV4 Anniversary Edition headset, which combines a consumer-favorite 32° field of view (FOV), 4:3 VGA display and specialty pricing. This limited edition of red-trimmed goggles comes with a digital video recorder (DVR) and an included, 5.8G OLED receiver make to make the Attitude V4 a classic FPV headset. The included, simple-to-use receiver has one-touch band change capability, channel scanning and a spectrum analyzer for clean and simple channel selection. 

Operational Advice

  • For best performance, select a channel that has the least amount of interference. While the transmitter is turned OFF, turn on the video headset and look at the screen as you check each channel. Clear channels will have a consistent static background. Channels with interference will have horizontal static lines.
  • Always perform a range test before flying. This includes AV and RC controls. Some RC receivers can be affected by the proximity of other electronic devices particularly the AV TX.
  • Try to space out your components as much as possible to avoid interference to your RC control range (keep stuff away from RX)
  • Until experienced, practice flying in a familiar area to avoid becoming disorientated.
  • Due to antenna characteristics, there is a “null” in line with antenna direction. You may experience excessive video breakup when flying overhead
  • 5.8Ghz signal strength drops off very fast, stay safely within solid AV range
  • For maximum distance it is very important that a clear line of sight exists between the transmitter and the video headset. 2 of the worst causes of interference are human bodies and reinforced concrete.
  • Place your TX antenna in open area in a vertical orientation
  • Multipathing (reflections off buildings/ tall objects) causes signal cancellation and result in broken video. Fly in open areas away from buildings or other tall structures (i.e. barns, hills).
  • 5.8Ghz AV with 2.4Ghz RC controllers: 2.4Ghz may cause harmonic interference on Ch2 – Ch7 of the 5.8Ghz AV (Ch1 not affected). The headset has been equipped with a high pass filter that will allow the system to work with CE certified 2.4Ghz RC controllers. However, the filtering may be insufficient to remove noise from overpowered non CE certified controllers. 
    If you experience interference from your RC radio, change the AV channel to channel 1.
  • Although you don’t require any license to operate this device, you are still legally responsible for operating in a responsible manner.

Included in the package:

Brand new OLED 32 channel receiver 
•Module with improved signal sensitivity and stability 
•SpiroNET omni antenna 
•1000 mAh battery with LED indicator 
•Battery charge cable 
•Zipper carry case