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 2015 & 2016 Best Seller for Professionals
matrix_homepage.jpg Conquering Extreme Elements
Matrix, the undisputed leader in aerial video and surveillance is spawning a new era in professional drone applications. From unobstructed ultra stabilized videos at 18,000 feet elevation to chase scenes exceeding 60mph to preprogrammed long distance autonomous flights in 40mph winds, Matrix's aerodynamic architecture offers unparalleled performance and versatility.

Record Flight Time, Range & Payload
Aside from its sporty good looks on an impressive 40" wingspan, Matrix's success is driven by a huge influx Phantom Vision and Inspire One Drone pilots looking to move up. Record breaking 40-50min flight time, up to 23 mile missions and a super capacity that exceeds 6 lbs payload, Matrix's open architecture is structured to complement a huge array of upgrades for an endless variety of applications.

Unsurpassed Video Performance
Here are some highlights - a front mounted camera eliminates propeller obstructions and improves video stability; low-profile for aerodynamic flight; extra robust 15" advanced carbon wood core propellers powered by dynamically balanced brushless motors and 40A ESCs; a vibration isolation deck 400% more effective than smaller isolation plates; track operated lockable folding mechanism to promote rigidity and security; adjustable legs for different surfaces, elevated stay-true foldable antenna that won't drift out of alignment; and an optional industrial grade aluminum case for convenient transport and storage. New Matrix advances includes 2-Axis or 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 with flex fitting for ND filters, 16,000mah & 22,000mah 6S Batteries for ultra extended flight times and structural beams to support and stabilize heavier setups for Sony A6000, NEX 5/6/7 & BMPCC.

Ultimate Stabilizer for DSLR & Red Cameras
allsteady6_homepage.jpg Ultra Mobile 3-Axis Stabilization
Finally, an extraordinarily heavy duty gimbal to unleash the cinematographer in you. With ultra stabilized 8 lbs capacity & exceptional versatility, AllSteady-6 Brushless 3-Axis Gimbal is designed to accommodate an expanded selection of DSLR, Red Epic/Scarlet/Dragon and Blackmagic 2K/4K production cameras, lenses and accessories.

Versatile & Convenient Features 
Creative freedom is only a few clicks away on a comprehensive joystick module. Select between 5 pre-programmed modes for enhanced production that follows the action at different speeds. With adjustable ergonomic handles for unlimited 360 panning, standard operating mode combines a full range of motions at varying elevations. For below the knee perspective switch to briefcase mode and for above head shots switch to inverted mode. Toolless balancing & micro adjustments on a foldable balancing stand facilitates quick camera and lens changes on a generously sized mounting cage. Oversized brushless motors & support bearings promote fast and responsive stabilization of heavier payloads under a variety of challenging conditions.

Strength, Durability & Portability
No expense and sweat equity were spared in optimizing this ultimate gimbal for user friendly functions and upgrades. Circumventing pitfalls common to most professional gimbals, the AllSteady-6 architecture offers several proprietary features including internal clamps that eliminates boom slippage, reinforced motor mount for unprecedented precision & strength to sustain long term use of heavier payload under intensive action or acute full follow tilt angles. Finally, for easy transport and setup between locations, this foldable turnkey package also includes a waterproof carrying case.

With Dual Purpose Aerial/Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal

homepage_infinity6.jpg Ultimate Platform for DSLR Videos
Spotlighted at recent NAB, RCX, Cinegear & AUVSI exhibits, the Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter drew top accolades for spearheading a new generation of super sized hexacopters with the AllSteady-6, a versatile high performance 3-axis gimbal for larger DSLR cameras such as Canon's 5D Mark iii, the Nikon D800 or the new Sony GH4 with versatility to accommodate varied lenses. Powered by outsized proprietary triple bearing self-cooling brushless motors, 40A ESCs and 15" carbon fiber propellers on a three feet superstructure, this modern marvel decidedly dominates over a crowded field of hexacopters and octocopters.

Extra Rigid Foldable Architecture
Portability, the new paradigm in larger hexacopters, presents a special challenge. From detachable bouncy arms to sliding brackets that could slip or pop open at any moment to flimsy foldable propellers that require constant maintenance, the majority of portable designs are plagued with structural deficiencies. To address these concerns, Infinity 6's foldable carbon booms are anchored deep into an unique quadruple layered architecture for unprecedented rigidity. To pack up, simply unlock the booms and slide them into a linear form. There is even an industrial grade aluminum case designed to transport and safeguard your hexacopter without dismounting the propellers.

Click, Camera Holster
 Modular Design with more than 20 Astonishing Functions
click_homepage.jpg Modular Design
Keeping it compact with just a Click on a belt or customizing a sophisticated Click setup with a complete line of Click Accessories, you can easily transition from casual shots to covering professional events. There is an endless selection of mounts and upgrades that targets specific functions or promotes comfort so you can stay focused.
  • Click Camera Holster, the perfect fit for small and large cameras
  • Tooless Mounting for a wide range of belt/strap width/thickness
  • Arca Swiss Compatible for easy transition to tripods
  • Use the Click Holster with your shoulder strap
  • Integrated Travel/Pro Belts targeting different payloads
  • Expanded Funnel for no-look holstering of bigger camera/lens
  • Mount Camera Cushion Pad for comfort and protection
  • Integrated Fail-Safe Strap to prevent disaster
  • Multi-Camera Setup for professional shoots

Toolless 3-Point Mount with Top-Loading Holstering
Setting up the Click Holster is quick and simple with Click’s Toolless 3-Point Mounting. Whether it's attached to a horizontally-oriented belt (i.e. waist belt or Pro Belt) or a vertically-oriented strap (i.e. handbag or backpack), the Click retains its top-loading holstering orientation for intuitive gravity feed alignment. In contrast, many other camera holsters are rotated and mounted sideways on a waist belt which undermines alignment and security.

Single-Hand Release
Click utilizes a pinkie-activated trigger so you can release the safety lock and draw the camera from the holster in one smooth movement with just one hand. This single-handed operation provides instant camera access and frees up your other hand to multi-task like holding an external flash or keeping that drink in your hand.

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