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SECTION 1: Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

1.1 To qualify for return or exchange, each purchased merchandise must SATISFY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: 

  • All merchandise to be returned or exchanged must be undamaged and unopened with the original unbroken manufacturer's seal and in its original packaging and condition.
  • All merchandise to be returned or exchanged must be requested within 7 days of customer receiving the order without exceptions, so please report any problems immediately.
  • All merchandise that contains any electrical or electronic component can not be returned or exchanged.
  • All custom tuned merchandise (e.g. AllSteady Gimbals) can not be returned, exchanged or cancelled.
  • All custom integrated merchandise such as professional drones, multi-rotors and helicopter can not be returned, exchanged or cancelled.
  • All merchandise which are special ordered for the customer can not be returned, exchanged or cancelled.
  • All merchandise already shipped are not cancellable.

1.2 For all qualified returns, the customer must pay the returning shipping cost. For all qualified exchanges, the customer must pay shipping both ways.

1.3 For all qualified returns/cancellations, there is a 15% restocking/processing charge. Shipping costs are not refundable. Only store credit will be issued for returns.

1.4 For all qualified dead-on-arrival (DOA) claims, Turbo Ace works on an honor system in order to expedite parts service. For USA located customers, lower valued replacement parts (not multi-rotor multi-rotor helicopters) with Time of Purchase Warranty are shipped in advance. If we need you to return any DOA parts, a postage prepaid envelope will be included with your advance replacement so you can send the DOA parts back. For international customers, we do not advance parts that cost over $10 retail and the customer will be responsible for all international shipping costs. Please keep in mind that we closely track the history of each customer account and unreasonable claims will adversely affect your account status and your ability to make future purchases.

1.5 Before shipping any qualified returns or exchanges to Turbo Ace, please follow instruction in Section 3.

SECTION 2: Time of Purchase Warranty
Many of our products includes manufacturer's direct warranty, in which case you should contact the appropriate manufacturer's direct service centers to expedite service and repairs. Unless otherwise stated, all Turbo Ace products carry a Time of Purchase Warranty.

2.1 Upon receiving drones, multi-rotors or helicopters from a shipping service, please make each unit is properly inspected for shipping damage. Smaller quadcopters and helicopter with 1-4 inch diameter rotors may only require hand-held testing (avoid contact with rotating blades and gears). Medium to larger drones, multi-rotors and helicopters require tie-down tests prior to maiden flights so make sure you follow directions and exercise proper precaution to operate in a safe environment. Proper inspection and hand-held/tied-down is critical in a successful maiden flight. Once a drone, multi-rotor or helicopter has been crashed, the Time of Purchase Warranty will be void, because we will not be able to distinguish whether the malfunction is due to operator error or manufacturer defect.

2.2 Due to the nature of this industry, claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt by the customer (initial email claim) in writing via the "Contact Us" section on our website. Phone calls or verbal notices do not constitute as a report.

2.3 For long term operations, It's the customer's responsibility to make sure all screws are secured with Loctite since most component manufacturers do not consistently use Loctite on all screws. It is the operator's responsibility to maintain and check the aircraft prior to every flight and operate in a safe environment that is also consistent with regulations.

2.4 Will Call (in-store pickup) customers have the privilege of seeing a live flight test of professional drone, multirotor or helicopter to verify operations and functions, so Time of Purchase Warranty claims must be made during will call.

2.5 Before shipping any qualified service repairs to Turbo Ace, please follow instructions in Section 3.

SECTION 3: Acquiring RMA# & Shipping Products Back to Turbo Ace
Before shipping any qualified service repairs, returns or exchanges, please make sure that you first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) by emailing us at and providing us with the following information:

  • Your invoice number
  • The date of your initial email claim
  • Your name, address, phone and email
  • The quantity and merchandise to be returned
  • The reason for your return

Upon approval, Turbo Ace Service Department will emailed you a RMA# for the return or exchange. Properly pack and protect the merchandise in a shipping box and write the RMA# on the outside of the box. Customer will be responsible for any shipping lost or damage. Ship the returning merchandise, freight and insurance prepaid, to the address provided by our email. Please follow our return policy carefully, as failure to do so will result in the refusal of your package.

SECTION 4: Shipping Damages and International Shipments

4.1 If you are worried about shipping damages, we recommend that you purchase insurance during checkout.

4.2 If shipping damage occurs, report the damage to the driver immediately and notify us via email ( Keep all original packaging material and provide us with photos if possible.

4.3 For international shipments, Turbo Ace is not responsible for possible delays or imposed duties.

SECTION 5: Technical Service & Support for Turbo Ace Drones and Multi-rotors

5.1 Our Turbo Ace multirotors come with 10 calendar days of COMPLIMENTARY PHONE SUPPORT (714-938-0189) starting from the day the customer receives the order.

5.2 After the first 10 calendar days, technical support is only available through our
EMAIL SUPPORT ( without exceptions.

SECTION 6: Technical Service & Support for Turbo Ace Gimbals

6.1 Our Turbo Ace gimbals come with 30 calendar days of COMPLIMENTARY PHONE SUPPORT (714-938-0189) starting from the day the customer receives the order.

6.2 After the first 30 calendar days, technical support is only available through our 
EMAIL SUPPORT ( without exceptions.