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Walkera WK-CTL01-D: Telemetry Module, For Walkera UFO-MX400 / V200 / V450 / V500, Quadcopter, Hexacopter (Requires Devo 6S, 8S, 10 or 12S)

Price: $59.00
Out of stock
Item Number: UFO-MX400-Z-27
Manufacturer: Walkera
Manufacturer Part No: UFO-MX400-Z-27

End your constant stress and worry about low battery and protect your RC heli investment. This module can transmit the voltage data on board the heli to the Devo 6, 8s, 10 and 12s transmitters. There is no way to miss a low voltage warning and you will never crash a heli because you lost track of the battery power. We recommend the purchase of Devo 10 transmitter which has the vibration alarm and you can set it to trigger on the voltage you desire. You no longer need a battery meter and you no longer need to check your battery before each flight, the voltage is clearly displayed on the transmitter LCD.
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This telemetry module is required for Devo compatible receivers which are not equipped with telemetry. Walkera Mini CP, Ladybird already comes with telemetry, therefore not required. Telemetry module can be installed on any brand of helicopter/airplane such as T-Rex 450 with Devo 601, Devo 701, Devo RX801, RX802, RX1002, RX1201 or RX1202 receiver to work with the Devo F4, Devo 6s, Devo 7E, Devo F7, 8s, 10 and 12s transmitter .

Manual is included and installation is quite simple, just attach the 2 voltage sensor wires to the helicopter battery power plug. Heat sensor can be attached to the ESC if you have a brushless outrunner motor or directly to the outside casing of the brush motor or inrunner motor.